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Committee of Convocation

The Committee of Convocation is an independent entity consisting of graduates from the various faculties and schools of the University of Melbourne. The Committee had its genesis in the University Senate, formed in 1867. After undergoing many changes it has again been reformed and continues as a alumni body of the University. The term ”convocation” signifies the whole body of all graduates of the University. The legislation of the Government of Victoria that establishes the University of Melbourne continues to specify that its graduates form a constituent part of the University. 

The prime objects of the Committee of Convocation are to provide avenues for graduates to retain their links with the University and its faculties and schools, to provide feedback to the University on matters of concern to graduates and to foster the advancement and recognition of the University. The Committee of Convocation meets regularly on the University campus to consider relevant issues and, where appropriate, to formulate suggestions or advice. From time to time Deans of faculties or other senior members of staff are invited to address meetings of the Committee about the work of the University and about new developments, areas of change and possible improvements that may be in view. Graduates who are not members of the Committee may be invited to address it.

Linkage between the Committee of Convocation and the newly formed Alumni Council will provide an important route for graduate input to the advancement of the University. The Committee of Convocation can bring suggestions from graduates to the attention of the Council of the University, either directly or through the Alumni Council.

The Committee works closely with the Advancement Office of the University and with the Advancement Managers of the faculties and schools. Several members of the Committee of Convocation are members of faculty boards and groups. This facilitates links for graduates with faculties and schools. It also provides an additional avenue for direct graduate input.

If you are a graduate who has a relevant matter that you would like addressed you are invited to attend a meeting of the Committee of Convocation and make it known. The programme of future meetings of the Committee of Convocation and contact details are included elsewhere on this website.

Our next meeting is on 15 September 2021 at 5.30 at Graduate House. The speaker is yet to be advised

Information is provided on this site by the Committee of Convocation in good faith but others are advised that they should independently check it to their own satisfaction before placing reliance upon it. The Committee of Convocation welcomes input which may be directed to the Secretary at

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